Wer nicht von dreitausend Jahren sich weiß Rechenschaft zu geben,
bleib im Dunkel unerfahren, mag von Tag zu Tage leben.

(J. W. Goethe)



Harmony through complementary democracy

A welcome address and message out of the european democracy movement to our friends in Hong Kong.
This is our idea for a better society with a complementary cooperation between representative and direct democracy:


Complementary democracy - The need to complement representative democracy by an adequate process of popular legislation: a consideration of the basic elements of a modern understanding of democracy from the perspective of the Austrian constitutional position.


Komplementäre Demokratie

The Umbrella Dome for Democracy


1. Providing an up-to-date instantiation of democracy requires that there be, in addition to the right to vote, an adequate form, appropriate to its nature and needs, of the popular right of initiative and referendum. These twin aspects are the expression of a complementary understanding of popular sovereignty, such as has existed since its appearance at the time of the French Revolution. The Austrian Constitution expresses the principle of popular sovereignty in Article 1 of the B-VG [Federal Constitutional Law], in the sentence: “Austria is a democratic republic. Its law emanates from the people” - making its essential legislative nature clear.